Nataliya Kaurova

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We investigate the absorption properties of U-shaped niobium nitride (NbN) nanowires atop nanophotonic circuits. Nanowires as narrow as 20nm are realized in direct contact with Si3N4 waveguides and their absorption properties are extracted through balanced measurements. We perform a full characterization of the absorption coefficient in dependence of(More)
While single photon detectors provide superior intensity sensitivity, spectral resolution is usually lost after the detection event. Yet for applications in low signal infrared spectroscopy recovering information about the photon's frequency contributions is essential. Here we use highly efficient waveguide integrated superconducting single-photon detectors(More)
We show how the parallel connection of photo-sensitive superconducting nanowires can be used to count the number of photons in an optical pulse, down to the single-photon level. Using this principle we demonstrate photon-number resolving detectors with unprecedented sensitivity and speed at telecommunication wavelengths. A superconducting nanowire biased(More)
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