Natalio Pincever

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The development of robust frameworks in interactive multimedia for representing story elements to the machine so that they can be retrieved in multiple contexts is addressed. Interactive multimedia is discussed as a user-directed form of storytelling, and the nature of cinematic storytelling is examined. It is proposed that content can be represented in(More)
Traditional approaches in Multimedia systems force the user to segment video material into simple descriptions, which usually include endpoints and a brief text description in the form of keywords. We propose to segment contextual information into chunks rather than segmenting contiguous frames. The computer can help us organize sets of descriptions that(More)
With audio's increasing importance in computer applications, users will soon need presentation, management and organizational capabilities similar to visual window systems to avoid a confusing cacophony of multiple audio sources sounding at once. The ways in which an audio window system could be used are described. These include multimedia documents,(More)
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