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During heart development the second heart field (SHF) provides progenitor cells for most cardiomyocytes and expresses the homeodomain factor Nkx2-5. We now show that feedback repression of Bmp2/Smad1 signaling by Nkx2-5 critically regulates SHF proliferation and outflow tract (OFT) morphology. In the cardiac fields of Nkx2-5 mutants, genes controlling(More)
Homeodomain factor Nkx2-5 is a central component of the transcription factor network that guides cardiac development; in humans, mutations in NKX2.5 lead to congenital heart disease (CHD). We have genetically defined a novel conserved tyrosine-rich domain (YRD) within Nkx2-5 that has co-evolved with its homeodomain. Mutation of the YRD did not affect DNA(More)
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