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BACKGROUND Childhood vaccination (also described as immunisation) is an important and effective way to reduce childhood illness and death. However, there are many children who do not receive the recommended vaccines because their parents do not know why vaccination is important, do not understand how, where or when to get their children vaccinated, disagree(More)
BACKGROUND Vaccination is a cost-effective public health measure and is central to the Millennium Development Goal of reducing child mortality. However, childhood vaccination coverage remains sub-optimal in many settings. While communication is a key feature of vaccination programmes, we are not aware of any comprehensive approach to organising the broad(More)
BACKGROUND Effective provider-parent communication can improve childhood vaccination uptake and strengthen immunisation services in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Building capacity to improve communication strategies has been neglected. Rigorous research exists but is not readily found or applicable to LMICs, making it difficult for policy makers(More)
Correction: " Communicate to vaccinate " : the development of a taxonomy of communication interventions to improve routine childhood vaccination Correction After publication of the original article [1] it came to the publisher's attention that the article was incorrectly published as 'Correspondence' instead of the correct article type; 'Research'. We(More)
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