Natalie Weber

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Genetically engineered (GE) stacks, combinations of two or more single transgenic events (i.e. single-locus insertions) that have been produced by crossing sexually compatible parents, are an important and growing sector of the crop seed market. Stacked traits covered 26% of the global transgenic crop area in 2011 and were the fastest growing trait group,(More)
Hunting and loss of natural habitats increasingly threaten tropical biodiversity and ecosystems, particularly in Southeast Asia. Flying foxes often persist in anthropogenic areas where other wildlife has vanished, and where they play a significant ecological role in vegetation regeneration in disturbed habitats. Detailed knowledge on the foraging behavior(More)
Plant breeding has a long history of developing varieties with desirable traits in response to the needs of both growers and consumers. Although the bases for most of these traits are not known genetically or biochemically, conventional breeding combines these multiple traits to create new hybrids and stable varieties that are safe and not generally subject(More)
Our purpose in undertaking this review has been to extract from the literature behavioral prescriptions for physicians and strategies for prevention. We have demonstrated that the physician who wishes to be a successful counselor needs to ensure that the patient knows what to do, work toward patient commitment to behavior change, negotiate and tailor the(More)
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