Natalie Spivak

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The formation of epithelial tissues requires both the generation of apical-basal polarity and the coordination of this polarity between neighbouring cells to form a central lumen. During de novo lumen formation, vectorial membrane transport contributes to the formation of a singular apical membrane, resulting in the contribution of each cell to only a(More)
Defects in the development or maintenance of tubule diameter correlate with polycystic kidney disease. Here, we report that absence of the cadherin regulator p120 catenin (p120ctn) from the renal mesenchyme prior to tubule formation leads to decreased cadherin levels with abnormal morphologies of early tubule structures and developing glomeruli. In(More)
Here we report the obtaining of suspension, callus and hairy root culture initiated from carrot plants of Nantskaya and Perfektzya variety with the highest level of recombinant human interferon-2b accumulation exhibiting the highest level of plant protein extract antiviral activity (up to 12.8 × 103 IU/mg TSP). The antiviral activity of callus extracts was(More)
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