Natalie Smith-Guerin

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This paper presents a new tele-operated robotic chain for real-time ultrasound image acquisition and medical diagnosis. This system has been developed in the frame of the Mobile Tele-Echography Using an Ultralight Robot European Project. A light-weight six degrees-of-freedom serial robot, with a remote center of motion, has been specially designed for this(More)
This paper deals with the optimization of the design of a 4 degree-of-freedom robot dedicated to tele-echography. It has been designed to reproduce in real time on a patient, the medical gestures performed by a remote expert moving a fictive probe. Our goal is to optimize the kinematic structure to determine geometrical parameters, as they have a(More)
This work deals with modeling for the design of a four degree-of-freedom robot dedicated to tele-echography. It is designed to follow the medical gestures of a remote expert moving an ultrasound probe. The goal is to define the kinematic structure with optimal geometric parameters. These parameters have an important role in the robot singularities positions(More)
Home healthcare is part of the most critical research and development healthcare areas. The objective is to decentralize healthcare, leading to a shift from in-hospital care to more advanced home healthcare, while improving efficiency, individualisation, equity and quality of healthcare delivery and limiting financial resources. In this paper, we adopt a(More)
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