Natalie Simon

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We investigated long-term responses (since 1850) of Fagus sylvatica (Luxembourg; central Europe) to shifts in temperature, precipitation, and nitrogen deposition by analyzing diameter at breast height (DBH) increment, basal area increment (BAI), and tree-ring stable isotopes (δ13C, δ15N). We compared stands on soils with contrasting water supply (Regosols(More)
We describe remarkable diurnal changes in the morphology of the planktonic dinoflagellate Ceratium ranipes. The species is distinguished by the unusual appendages, known as toes or fingers, protruding from its horns. Varieties have been described based on the characteristics of the fingers. We discovered that cultures, maintained on a 12:12 photoperiod,(More)
The importance of involving lay representatives in research is well-recognized but is not consistently meaningfully practiced or reported. Although the positive outcomes of lay representative involvement can include more relevant research questions and outcomes, challenges are also apparent, including tokenistic involvement by research teams. A Cancer(More)
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