Natalie Ruff

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Turbot and Atlantic halibut are highly valued fish species. However,very little is known about fillet shelf-life characteristics associated withboth species. Thus, fillet α-tocopherol content and proximate compositionof wild turbot (1.5 kg) and Atlantic halibut (1.1 kg)caught off the south coast of Ireland and the north-west coast of Iceland,respectively,(More)
Chronic pain, sickness behaviors, and cognitive decline are symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis. In the adjuvant-induced arthritis Lewis rat model, we examined the dynamics of c-Fos expression in the hippocampus, a brain region important for these symptoms. Brain sections were stained for c-Fos using immunohistochemistry. c-Fos-positive nuclei were counted in(More)
Teleost vertebral centra are often similar in size and shape, but vertebral-associated elements, i.e. neural arches, haemal arches and ribs, show regional differences. Here we examine how the presence, absence and specific anatomical and histological characters of vertebral centra-associated elements can be used to define vertebral column regions in(More)
Evaluations of sires for milk yield by contemporary comparison were used to determine factors associated with changes of evaluation over time. Changes in paired evaluations for 160 Holstein sires were final evaluations (Repeatability exceeding 90%) minus initial evaluations (Repeatability less than 70%). Multiple regression procedures were used to relate(More)
The nutritional effect of vitamin E in dietsfor Litopenaeus vannamei postlarve (PL19)was investigated. Four formulated diets withdifferent combinations of α-tocopherylacetate (α-TA), ascorbic acid (AA) andhighly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA) weretested, using four replicates. No significant differences in survival wereobserved among treatments after 34(More)
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