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The Sexual Discounting Task: HIV risk behavior and the discounting of delayed sexual rewards in cocaine dependence.
BACKGROUND Cocaine dependence is associated with high rates of sexual risk behavior and HIV infection. However, little is known about the responsible mechanism(s). METHODS Cocaine-dependentExpand
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Demand curves for hypothetical cocaine in cocaine-dependent individuals
RationaleDrug purchasing tasks have been successfully used to examine demand for hypothetical consumption of abused drugs including heroin, nicotine, and alcohol. In these tasks, drug users makeExpand
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Test-retest reliability and gender differences in the sexual discounting task among cocaine-dependent individuals.
The Sexual Discounting Task uses the delay discounting framework to examine sexual HIV risk behavior. Previous research showed task performance to be significantly correlated with self-reported HIVExpand
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Cocaine dependent individuals discount future rewards more than future losses for both cocaine and monetary outcomes.
Cocaine dependence and other forms of drug dependence are associated with steeper devaluation of future outcomes (delay discounting). Although studies in this domain have typically assessed choicesExpand
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Discriminative-stimulus and time-course effects of kava-kava (Piper methysticum) in rats
Kava is a widely available and used herbal medicine that is not regulated in many countries. There are many questions concerning kava's stimulus properties, potential for therapeutic use, andExpand
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Effects of prenatal stress on lever-press acquisition with delayed reinforcement in male and female rats
The prenatally stressed (PS) rat shows enhanced conditioned fear and increased behavioral inhibition in response to footshock compared to control (CON) rats. It is unclear whether this facilitatedExpand
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Randomized controlled trial of d-cycloserine in cocaine dependence: Effects on contingency management and cue-induced cocaine craving in a naturalistic setting.
Cocaine dependence constitutes a significant public health concern. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial tested a novel approach to reducing cocaine use among cocaine-dependentExpand
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Methamphetamine administration dose effects on sexual desire, sexual decision making, and delay discounting.
Correlational evidence has linked methamphetamine use and HIV sexual risk behavior, but the direct effects of methamphetamine on sexual desire and sexual decision making in humans have not beenExpand
Effects of prenatal stress on lever-press acquisition, delay discounting, and ethanol self -administration in rats
Effects of Prenatal Stress on Lever-Press Acquisition, Delay Discounting, and Ethanol Self-Administration in Rats Natalie R. Bruner It is well established in animal research that theExpand