Natalie N. Greene

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Marek's disease (MD) is a highly contagious lymphoproliferative and demyelinating disorder of chickens. MD is caused by Marek's disease virus (MDV), a cell-associated, acute-transforming alphaherpesvirus. For three decades, losses to the poultry industry due to MD have been greatly limited through the use of live vaccines. MDV vaccine strains are comprised(More)
Financial incentives have been shown to have strong positive short run effects for problematic health behaviors, but the effects often disappear once incentive programs end. This paper analyzes the results of a large scale workplace field experiment to examine whether self funded commitment contracts improve the long run effects of incentive programs.(More)
Due to an increasing reliance on public libraries to deliver government services online, coupled with decreasing funding for public services, many public libraries have begun to collaborate with local government agencies and community organizations to provide vital services to their communities. Drawing upon findings made through an extensive literature(More)
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