Natalie M. McAdams

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In kinetoplastid parasites, regulation of mitochondrial gene expression occurs posttranscriptionally via RNA stability and RNA editing. In addition to the 20S editosome that contains the enzymes required for RNA editing, a dynamic complex called the mitochondrial RNA binding 1 (MRB1) complex is also essential for editing. Trypanosoma brucei RGG3 (TbRGG3)(More)
Kinetoplastid RNA (kRNA) editing is a process that creates translatable mitochondrial mRNA transcripts from cryptogene encoded RNAs and is unique for kinetoplastids, such as Trypanosoma brucei. In addition to the catalytic 20S editosome, multiple accessory proteins are required for this conversion. Recently, the multiprotein mitochondrial RNA binding(More)
In Bacillus subtilis, transcription of the tryptophan biosynthetic operon is regulated by an attenuation mechanism. When intracellular tryptophan levels are high, the TRAP protein binds to the 5' leader region of the nascent trp mRNA and induces transcription termination prior to the structural genes. In limiting tryptophan, TRAP does not bind and the(More)
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