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Although a broad range of neuropsychological deficits has been reported in patients with severe sleep disordered breathing (SDB), little is known about the impact of mild SDB on neuropsychological performance. In this study, we compared neuropsychological test performance in two groups of carefully screened volunteers who differed clearly according to the(More)
Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) has been associated with neuropsychological (NP) deficits. The extent to which such effects are attributable to unmeasured confounders or selection biases, or are manifest across a range of SDB is unclear. The relationship of SDB with a broad range of NP functions was examined in 100 volunteers with a spectrum of SDB and(More)
Structural equation modeling (specifically, analysis of moment structures; J. L. Arbuckle, 1996) was used to evaluate the goodness of fit of a model of components of attention (A. F. Mirsky, B. J. Anthony, C. C. Duncan, M. B. Aheam, & S. G. Kellam, 1991) to neuropsychological test data from 2 samples. One sample consisted of psychiatrically normal persons(More)
Knowledge of earlier intellectual functioning can be very helpful in the diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders. The National Adult Reading Test (Nelson, 1982), based on the observation that reading irregularly spelled words remains intact in mild dementia, may be useful for this purpose. A version for speakers of American English (AMNART) was recently(More)
Norovirus is the commonest cause of acute gastrointestinal disease and is the main aetiological agent of outbreaks of gastroenteritis, particularly in semi-closed environments. Norovirus infections in England typically peak between December and March each year. The most commonly detected norovirus strains belong to the genetically diverse genogroup-II(More)
Equivalent versions of the Complex Figure Test (CFT) are useful for assessing change over time in constructional skills, planning, spatial organization, and visual-spatial memory while minimizing practice effects. To address the need for an equivalent version of the CFT to the Rey, the present study compared copy and 45 min-delayed recall accuracy scores of(More)
In England and Wales, the emergence of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis resulted in the largest and most persistent epidemic of foodborne infection attributable to a single subtype of any pathogen since systematic national microbiological surveillance was established. We reviewed 67 years of surveillance data to examine the features, underlying(More)
A 49-year-old right-handed man presented with a severe impairment of motor speech output aphemia. Initially, he could make grunting sounds, but was otherwise mute. There was no disturbance of comprehension, and he preferred to communicate by writing. Writing was agrammatic with lexical errors and mispellings which improved with the speech disturbance. The(More)
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