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Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have a large impact on undergraduate instruction but are often poorly prepared to teach. Teaching self-efficacy, an instructor's belief in his or her ability to teach specific student populations a specific subject, is an important predictor of teaching skill and(More)
Differences in breast cancer incidence and stage at diagnosis have been observed among women of different socioeconomic status. We evaluated trends in invasive breast cancer incidence by stage and poverty among Nebraska women using cancer registry data. We demonstrated increasing incidence of early- and late-stage cancer among women living in the lowest(More)
Description The MRCV package provides functions for analyzing the association between one single response categorical variable (SRCV) and one multiple response categorical variable (MRCV), or between two or three MRCVs. A modified Pearson chi-square statistic can be used to test for marginal independence for the one or two MRCV case, or a more general(More)
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