Natalie Keough

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Using discriminant function analysis, classification accuracies for ancestry and sex in white and black South Africans were compared using North American (FDB), African groups in Howells (HDB), and South African (SADB) databases in FORDISC 3.0. (FD3). Twenty-four standard linear measures were collected from a total of 86 black and 101 white crania obtained(More)
Decomposition studies often use pigs as proxies for human cadavers. However, differences in decomposition sequences/rates relative to humans have not been scientifically examined. Descriptions of five main decomposition stages (humans) were developed and refined by Galloway and later by Megyesi. However, whether these changes/processes are alike in pigs is(More)
Forensic anthropologists are tasked with interpreting the sequence of events from death to the discovery of a body. Burned bone often evokes questions as to the timing of burning events. The purpose of this study was to assess the progression of thermal damage on bones with advancement in decomposition. Twenty-five pigs in various stages of decomposition(More)
Estimating age at death from adult skeletal remains is a daunting task for human osteologists. For this reason, the evaluation of micro-structural changes in bone with advancing age has become a popular method. However, factors such as nutrition, chronic disease, population group and sex have been suggested to influence the rate of bone turnover, and thus(More)
The rotator cuff (RC) insertions according to most anatomical texts are described as being separate from one another. However, clear fusion of the RC tendon fibres exists with prior studies showing this interdigitation forming a common, continuous insertion onto and around the lesser and greater tubercles (LT and GT) of the humerus. Current surgical repair(More)
The purpose of this study was to perform a systematic review and meta-analysis comparing single- and double-row biomechanical studies to evaluate load to failure, mode of failure and gap formation. A systematic review of MEDLINE, Embase, Scopus and Google Scholar was performed from 1990 through 2016. The inclusion criteria were: documentation of ultimate(More)
Surface landmarks or planes taught in anatomy curricula derive from standard anatomical textbooks. Although many surface landmarks are valid, clear age, sex, and population differences exist. We reappraise the thoracic surface anatomy of black South Africans. We analyzed 76 (female = 42; male = 34) thoracoabdominal CT-scans. Patients were placed in a supine(More)
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