Natalie K Romine

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Allomaternal care is a rare, though phylogenetically widespread, mammalian infant care strategy. Among primates, the effects of allomaternal care are marked; its presence correlates with faster infant growth, younger age at weaning, and shorter interbirth intervals. Recent comparative research has found that such fertility benefits are absent in other(More)
Self-reports of 250 persons fifty years of age and older confirm the increasing bias toward reporting a more youthful age as one increases in years. Optimistic perceptions of health care also maintained in older persons. Results from two subsets of this sample (N = 48) further indicate that the youthful and optimistic bias occurs in older persons with(More)
For gregarious species, individuals must maintain cohesion while minimizing the costs of coordinated travel. Leaders of group movements potentially influence energy expenditure, energy intake, and predation risk for individuals in the group, which can have important fitness consequences. Models of pair-living species predict that energetic asymmetries lead(More)
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