Natalie K Galley

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BACKGROUND To prevent further degeneration, it is desirable to fill a meniscal defect with a supportive scaffold that mimics the mechanics of native tissue. Degradable porous scaffolds have been used, but it is unclear whether the tissue that fills the site of implantation is mechanically adequate, particularly with respect to frictional performance. (More)
The kinetics of alkylthiol-capped gold nanoparticle (RS/Au-NP) adsorption to alkylthiol/Au self-assembled monolayers (RS/Au-SAMs) has been studied using SPR (surface plasmon resonance) spectroscopy. Variation of the alkylthiol chain terminus (CH3, COOH) and solvent (H2O, hexane) provides insight into the relative importance of solvation energies (in the(More)
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