Natalie Jones

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This paper presents the methodology developed to collect, understand and merge viewpoints coming from different stakeholders in order to build a shared and formal representation of the studied system dealing with groundwater management in the low-lying atoll of Tarawa (Republic of Kiribati). The methodology relies on three successive stages. First, a Global(More)
BACKGROUND Yawning consistently poses a conundrum to the medical profession and neuroscientists. Despite neurological evidence such as parakinesia brachialis oscitans in stroke patients and thermo-irregulation in multiple sclerosis patients, there is considerable debate over the reasons for yawning with the mechanisms and hormonal pathways still not fully(More)
INTRODUCTION Germline BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations account for 20-30% of familial clustering of breast cancer. The main indication for BRCA2 screening is currently the family history but the yield of mutations identified in patients selected this way is low. METHODS To develop more efficient approaches to screening we have compared the gene expression and(More)
The temperature dependent magnetization of nanocomposite alloys has been fit with a modified Handrich-Kobe equation with an asymmetric exchange fluctuation parameter combined with the Arrott-Noakes equation. The two equations of state are combined to calculate the entropy change in the magnetocaloric effect associated with the ferromagnetic to paramagnetic(More)
Despite entering complete remission after primary treatment, a substantial proportion of patients with early stage breast cancer will develop metastases. Prediction of such an outcome remains challenging despite the clinical use of several prognostic parameters. Several reports indicate that genomic instability, as reflected in specific chromosomal(More)
We report the oxidation products and qualitative rates for polydisperse FeCo magnetic nanoparticles ͑MNPs͒ synthesized using an induction plasma torch. X-ray diffraction ͑XRD͒ and TEM showed MNPs to have a thin ferrite shell. Nanopowders were isochronally annealed to promote oxidation and XRD was used to follow the evolution of the FeCo core and the Fe 3 O(More)
BACKGROUND MUTYH-associated polyposis is a recessively inherited disorder characterized by a lifetime risk of colorectal cancer that is up to 100%. Because specific histological and molecular genetic features of MUTYH-associated polyposis colorectal cancers might influence tumor behavior and patient survival, we compared survival between patients with(More)
Freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem integrity are under threat from biological invasions. The 'killer shrimp' Dikerogammarus villosus is a highly predatory amphipod which has spread readily across Central Europe and recently the U.K. and its arrival has been associated with the significant loss of resident species. Despite this, studies of its behavioural(More)
BACKGROUND Caudate lobe liver metastases occur commonly in patients with neuroendocrine tumors. It is unknown, however, how these lesions respond to regional therapy and how their presence impacts outcomes. We reviewed our experience treating these lesions using transarterial chemoembolization (TACE). METHODS We reviewed radiographic response to TACE in(More)