Natalie Jean Randall

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Surveillance is critical for identifying and monitoring pathogen activity in wildlife populations, but often is cost- and time-prohibitive and logistically challenging. We tested the hypothesis that wildlife rehabilitation centers are useful for monitoring pathogen activity using West Nile virus (WNV) as a case study. We hypothesized that birds submitted to(More)
iv CHAPTER 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1 Thesis Organization 5 Literature Cited 5 CHAPTER 2. A TEN-YEAR RETROSPECTIVE STUDY OF AVIAN 8 POPULATION TRENDS FROM WILDLIFE REHABILITATION SUBMISSIONS Abstract 8 Introduction 9 Materials and Methods 11 Results 13 Discussion 19 Acknowledgements 24 Literature Cited 24 CHAPTER 3. WILDLIFE REHABILITATION CENTERS IN 27(More)
In the Plains states of the central United States, research suggests that the prevalence of West Nile virus (WNV) disease in humans is higher in agricultural areas than in nonagricultural areas. In contrast, there is limited information about WNV exposure in birds, the primary amplifying host of WNV, in agriculturally dominated landscapes. We evaluated(More)
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