Natalie Jane de Vries

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In this study we analyse complete networks derived from field survey and market research through proposing an efficient methodology based on proximity graphs and clustering techniques enhanced with a new community detection algorithm. The specific context is the charity and Not-For-Profit sector in Australia and consumer behaviours within this context. To(More)
Using page-level metrics of a randomly selected group of 15,625 among the top 100,000 Face book check-in locations which rank high in terms of customer engagement, we explore if the short-term dynamical information on these metrics could deliver, via a clustering approach, some new insights for marketing decision making. Using a highly-scalable clustering(More)
In this paper we explore and analyse the heterogeneity existent within a seemingly homogenous sample of online consumer behaviours in terms of their demographic profile. The data from a sample of 371 survey respondents is clustered using various distance functions and a clustering algorithm. In doing so, the respondents are clustered based on their response(More)
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