Natalie Jane de Vries

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All-trans retinoic acid (RA) is well known as a biologically active form of vitamin A and a teratogen. The identification of nuclear receptors for this ligand suggests strongly that it is an endogenous signal molecule, and measurements of RA and teratogenic manipulations suggest further that RA is a morphogen specifying the anteroposterior axis during limb(More)
Online consumer behavior in general and online customer engagement with brands in particular, has become a major focus of research activity fuelled by the exponential increase of interactive functions of the internet and social media platforms and applications. Current research in this area is mostly hypothesis-driven and much debate about the concept of(More)
Organisations in the Not-for-Profit and charity sector face increasing competition to win time, money and efforts from a common donor base. Consequently, these organisations need to be more proactive than ever. The increased level of communications between individuals and organisations today, heightens the need for investigating the drivers of charitable(More)
The formation of neurites in isolated neurones of the snail Lymnaea stagnalis in primary culture was studied. The insulin-related neuropeptide (MIP: Molluscan insulin-related peptide) produced by the neuroendocrine light green cells (LGCs) of Lymnaea stimulated neurite formation, both in isolated unidentified central neurons and in the LGCs. The effect of(More)
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