Natalie J. Bates

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Improvement in the energy efficiency of supercomputers can be accelerated by improving the quality and comparability of efficiency measurements. The ability to generate accurate measurements at extreme scale are just now emerging. The realization of system-level measurement capabilities can be accelerated with a commonly adopted and high quality measurement(More)
The metric, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), has been successful in improving energy efficiency of data centers, but it is not perfect. One challenge is that PUE does not account for the power distribution and cooling losses inside IT equipment. This is particularly problematic in the HPC (high performance computing) space where system suppliers are moving(More)
Some of the largest supercomputing centers (SCs) in the United States are developing new relationships with their electricity service providers (ESPs). These relationships, similar to other commercial and industrial partnerships, are driven by a mutual interest to reduce energy costs and improve electrical grid reliability. While SCs are concerned about the(More)
Supercomputing Centers (SCs) have high and variable power demands, which increase the challenges of the Electricity Service Providers (ESPs) with regards to efficient electricity distribution and reliable grid operation. High penetration of renewable energy generation further exacerbates this problem. In order to develop a symbiotic relationship between the(More)
The last decade has seen power consumption move from an afterthought to the foremost design constraint of new supercomputers. Measuring the power of a supercomputer can be a daunting proposition, and as a result, many published measurements are extrapolated. This paper explores the validity of these extrapolations in the context of inter-node power(More)
Within the past decade, there has been an increasing focus on improving energy efficiency in High Performance Computing (HPC). Improvements have been forthcoming, especially in the last 5 years, but there remains a strong need for continued if not accelerated progress. Much of this progress has been and will continue to be driven by market demands and the(More)
With increasing high performance computing (HPC) energy consumption and the rising cost of energy, it has become important to be able to monitor and manage energy andpower consumption. Dashboards will monitor and display energy and power consumption of various physical data center components in or near real time as well as trend data. The dashboard will(More)
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