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  • N Hunt
  • 1992
The recurrent nature of mania and depression has led to a search for factors that might predict the timing of episodes. There has recently been a resurgence of interest in the possibility that seasonal changes may precipitate affective illness.
An investigation was undertaken to establish standards for the care of the frail aged and to develop an instrument to measure this care. In this process the care in 12 institutions was monitored. In general, the care was found to be of good quality, with an average of 74.3%, but there are residences where the percentage is up to 10% lower. The influence of(More)
The study investigates impressions formed through social networking sites, specifically the initial judgments we make of others when first momentarily exposed to their photograph. The personality characteristics of 52 Female Facebook profile owners were evaluated by a group of raters who briefly viewed the current profile picture of each person. Analysis(More)
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