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(except as provided in the next sentence) not in part, for internal and informational use only and not for commercial distribution. Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, any protocol implementation conformance statements (PICS) or implementation conformance statements (ICS) contained in this specification/document may be separately reproduced and(More)
oday's networks are under ever-increasing competitive pressure to deliver more services to users while doing so at lower cost. Deregulation is occurring globally , resulting in a highly competitive industry with lowered entry barriers for new competitors as well as potential new markets for incumbents. At the same time, trends show a rapidly accelerating(More)
Circuit Emulation Service CES ooers backward compatibility b e t ween Asyn-chronous Transfer Mode ATM technology and the existing circuit-switched tele-phony services. However, meeting its quality of service requirements is not trivial. The cell transfer delay CTD of a connection should be controlled to be no larger than the delay in legacy circuit-switched(More)
For the case of HME-based controllers, we see that queue length increases to a large peak at the initial stage, followed by a transient period of less than optimum link utilisation. This corresponds to the period before HME has learnt, because we h a ve used random initial weights for the HME. In actual applications, the combination of both on-line and(More)
In order to efficiently support the ATM multi-application environment in a potentially multivendor network, the ATM layer defines a sophisticated set of traffic-management functions and procedures whose main objectives are to protect network and users' performance, to optimize the use of the network resources, and to protect applications against network(More)
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