Natalie Fecher

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This paper reports on the correlation between word confusion matrices from Word-Error-Rate (WER) experiments and different phonetic distance measures. The investigated phonetic distance measures are based on the minimum-edit-distances between phonetic transcriptions and the distances between Hidden-Markov-Models (HMM). We show that phonetic distance(More)
The study presented in this paper investigates auditory-only and auditory-visual (AV) consonant recognition where the talker's face is obscured by various types of face-concealing garments and headgear. Observers' consonant identification performance across the various 'facewear' conditions was tested both in quiet listening conditions (Experiment 1), and(More)
Sensitivity to noncontrastive subphonemic detail plays an important role in adult speech processing, but little is known about children's use of this information during online word recognition. In two eye-tracking experiments, we investigate 2-year-olds' sensitivity to a specific type of subphonemic detail: coarticulatory mismatch. In Experiment 1, toddlers(More)
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