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Approximately 52 million Americans provide informal (unpaid) care to a family member or friend who is disabled or ill. The most common informal caregiving relationship is that of an adult child providing assistance to an aging parent. This article describes a qualitative study examining how adult daughters between the ages of 50 and 65 become caregivers to(More)
In this study the researchers examined the knowledge, skills, and use of Evidence-Based Practice in a sample of social workers from different practice settings. Using an electronic survey, data were collected from a group of social work practitioners (N = 200). Participants in their 30s and 40s demonstrated the most knowledge and use of Evidence-Based(More)
The purpose of this qualitative study was to provide in-depth descriptions of preferences for receipt of long-term care among a small sample of information-rich cases. The participants in this study, women in late midlife caring for a parent or parent-in-law, expressed where they would prefer to receive care, who they would want to provide care, and(More)
Older American Indians experience high rates of depression and other psychological disorders, yet little research exist on the depression literacy of this group. Depression literacy is fundamental for individuals seeking help for depression in a timely and appropriate manner. In the present study the authors examine levels and predictors of knowledge of(More)
Instruments assessing geriatric case managers' perceptions of prescription abuse are limited. Based on a review of current literature and pilot testing feedback, 22 items were initially assembled to form an older adult Prescription Drug Assessment Questionnaire (PDAQ). Case managers ( N = 161) at an older adult agency located in a Midwestern state were(More)
Despite the use of mentoring programs in fields such as business, career training, and youth development, little is known about how mentoring can be used to train and support new foster parents. This paper describes how Concept Mapping was used with current foster parents to develop a conceptual framework suitable to plan a foster parent mentor program. A(More)
Caregiver research often focuses on negative health outcomes, yet little is known about the self-care practices of caregivers. The present study investigates self-care practices among family caregivers and the relationships between personal self-care, perceived stress, and other health variables. Data were collected from informal caregivers through(More)
This article examines the concept of being "easy" as a quality that female caregivers aspire to as they envision their potential care in later life. It draws on data from a qualitative study exploring the significance of caregiving to adult daughters' perspectives and plans for their own aging. Caregivers' experiences differ based upon their perception of(More)