Natalie Cunningham

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Event-related potentials (ERPs) were recorded from 27 children (14 girls, 13 boys) who varied in their reading skill levels. Both behavior performance measures recorded during the ERP word classification task and the ERP responses themselves discriminated between children with above-average, average, and below-average reading skills. ERP amplitudes and peak(More)
The effects of 100-mg progesterone implants in anoestrous ewes on plasma progesterone and gonadotrophin levels are described. Implant removal resulted in a surge of plasma gonadotrophins and ovulation, but there was no evidence of behavioural oestrus in 90% of the ewes. These results are discussed.
Plasma progesterone and gonadotrophin levels were studied in anoestrous ewes treated during June or July with a subcutaneous progesterone implant and/or an injection of oestradiol or PMSG. Of 32 ewes treated with progesterone during July, 9 showed a gonadotrophin surge after removal of the implant, and 10 ewes showed oestrous behaviour during the following(More)