Natalie Commeau

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Assessing within-batch and between-batch variability is of major interest for risk assessors and risk managers in the context of microbiological contamination of food. For example, the ratio between the within-batch variability and the between-batch variability has a large impact on the results of a sampling plan. Here, we designed hierarchical Bayesian(More)
To fit a lognormal distribution to a complex set of microbial data, including detection data (e.g. presence or absence in 25g) and enumeration data (e.g. 30cfu/g), we compared two models: a model called M(CLD) based on data expressed as concentrations (in cfu/g) or censored concentrations (e.g. <10cfu/g, or >1cfu/25g) versus a model called M(RD) that(More)
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