Natalie Butz

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Targeting drug delivery into the lungs has become one of the most important aspects of systemic or local drug delivery systems. Consequently, in the last few years, techniques and new drug delivery devices intended to deliver drugs into the lungs have been widely developed. Currently, the main drug targeting regimens include direct application of a drug(More)
Pulmonary administration of drugs has demonstrated numerous advantages in the treatment of pulmonary diseases due to direct targeting to the respiratory tract. It enables avoiding the first pass effect, reduces the amount of drugs administered, targets drugs to specific sites and reduces their side effects. Reverse water-in-fluorocarbon (FC) emulsions are(More)
Water-in-fluorocarbon reverse emulsions and microemulsions stabilized by semi-fluorinated amphiphiles derived from the dimorpholinophosphate polar head group, C(n)F(2n+1)(CH(2))(m)OP(O)[N(CH(2)CH(2))(2)O](2) (FnHmDMP), are being investigated as new delivery systems for drugs or genetic materials into the lung. Since information related to the toxicity of(More)
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