Natalie Berestovsky

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Regulatory networks play a central role in cellular behavior and decision making. Learning these regulatory networks is a major task in biology, and devising computational methods and mathematical models for this task is a major endeavor in bioinformatics. Boolean networks have been used extensively for modeling regulatory networks. In this model, the state(More)
The behavior and phenotypic changes of cells are governed by a cellular circuitry that represents a set of biochemical reactions. Based on biological functions, this circuitry is divided into three types of networks, each encoding for a major biological process: signal transduction, transcription regulation, and metabolism. This division has generally(More)
Recent advances in high-throughput technologies and an increased knowledge of biochemical systems have enabled the reconstruction of cellular regulatory networks. While these reconstructions often consist of the connectivity patterns among the network's components, an important task in this area is to derive values for the kinetic parameters of the system(More)
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