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Syntheses, structures, spectroscopy, and chromotropism of new complexes arising from the reaction of nickel(II) nitrate with diphenyl(dipyrazolyl)methane.
The complexes [(dpdpm)Ni(2-NO3)2] (1), [(dpdpm)Ni(2-NO3)(1-NO3)(CH3CN)] (2), [(dpdpm)2Ni(1-NO3)(H2O)]NO3 (3), and [(dpdpm)2Ni(H2O)2][NO3]2 (4) (dpdpm = diphenyl(dipyrazolyl)methane, Ph2C(C3N2H3)2),Expand
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Diphenyl(dipyrazolyl)methane complexes of Ni: synthesis, structural characterization, and chromotropism of NiBr2 derivatives.
The reaction of NiBr2 with the bidentate ligand diphenyl(dipyrazolyl)methane (dpdpm) gives the pentacoordinated complexes [(dpdpm)Ni(mu-Br)Br]2 (1), [(dpdpm)NiBr2(H2O)] (2a), andExpand
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