Natalie Al-Furoukh

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Microarray analysis still is a powerful tool to identify new components of the transcriptosome. It helps to increase the knowledge of targets triggered by stress conditions such as hypoxia and nitric oxide. However, analysis of transcriptional regulatory events remain elusive due to the contribution of altered mRNA stability to gene expression patterns as(More)
Proteostasis is crucial for life and maintained by cellular chaperones and proteases. One major mitochondrial protease is the ClpXP complex, which is comprised of a catalytic ClpX subunit and a proteolytic ClpP subunit. Based on two separate observations, we hypothesized that ClpX may play a leading role in the cellular function of ClpXP. Therefore, we(More)
In eukaryotic cells, maintenance of cellular ATP stores depends mainly on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS), which in turn requires sufficient cellular oxygenation. The crucial role of proper oxygenation for cellular viability is reflected by involvement of several mechanisms, which sense hypoxia and regulate activities of respiratory(More)
The mitochondrial matrix GTPase NOA1 is a nuclear encoded protein, essential for mitochondrial protein synthesis, oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production. Here, we demonstrate that newly translated NOA1 protein is imported into the nucleus, where it localizes to the nucleolus and interacts with UBF1 before nuclear export and import into mitochondria.(More)
NOA1 is an evolutionary conserved, nuclear encoded GTPase essential for mitochondrial function and cellular survival. The function of NOA1 for assembly of mitochondrial ribosomes and regulation of OXPHOS activity depends on its GTPase activity, but so far no ligands have been identified that regulate the GTPase activity of NOA1. To identify nucleic acids(More)
Fetal (fCM) and adult cardiomyocytes (aCM) significantly differ from each other both by structure and biochemical properties. aCM own a higher mitochondrial mass compared to fCM due to increased energy demand and show a greater density and higher degree of structural organization of myofibrils. The energy metabolism in aCM relies virtually completely on(More)
Eukaryotic PrimPol is a recently discovered DNA-dependent DNA primase and translesion synthesis DNA polymerase found in the nucleus and mitochondria. Although PrimPol has been shown to be required for repriming of stalled replication forks in the nucleus, its role in mitochondria has remained unresolved. Here we demonstrate in vivo and in vitro that PrimPol(More)
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