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In the Internet music scene, where recommendation technology is key for navigating huge collections, large market players enjoy a considerable advantage. Accessing a wider pool of user feedback leads to an increasingly more accurate analysis of user tastes, effectively creating a "rich get richer" effect. This work aims at significantly lowering the entry(More)
One of the most challenging recommendation tasks is recommending to a new, previously unseen user. This is known as the <i>user cold start</i> problem. Assuming certain features or attributes of users are known, one approach for handling new users is to initially model them based on their features. Motivated by an ad targeting application, this paper(More)
The principal constituents of computational intelligence are fuzzy logic, neural networks and evolutionary algorithms, with emphasis in their mutual enhancement. The present paper reviews some applications of these formalisms in the area of medical image processing, where advantage is taken from the ability of fuzzy logic to work with imprecise information,(More)
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