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A systematic evaluation of a bedside computer system for nursing documentation indicates that point of care technology has a positive direct impact on the efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction of the nursing staff, and a positive indirect influence on other members of the health care team in their delivery of patient care.
PURPOSE The purpose of this article is to describe Move More Diabetes (MMD), which is used by Lay Health Educators (LHEs) to promote physical activity and improve diabetes self-management among individuals with type 2 diabetes. METHODS Move More Diabetes used social marketing strategies to choose and segment the target audience, develop messages, and(More)
A potential revolution in fatty acid therapies is on the horizon. In recent years, the full magnitude of various fatty acid treatments and their overall importance to health has become increasingly apparent. Fetal and infant nutrition studies have clearly shown that fatty acid status at birth can have life long health implications affecting eye and brain(More)
This study was designed to examine the effect of disgust on moral behavior. Previous research indicates that helping responses are influenced by emotions such as happiness or distress (Lamy, Fischer-Lokou, & Gueguen, 2012). In addition, the emotion of disgust has been shown to increase people’s rating of wrongness of immoral behavior (Wheatley and Haidt,(More)
The publication by Brendan Bebington entitled "Concepts in malignant transformation" was a thought provoking article. The article theorises that the process of aging, as a consequence of programmed cellular events, will result in death, which is essential for survival of the population. The theory then expands to suggest that eukaryotic cells have retained(More)
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