Natalie A Melrose

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) is a leading cause of global infectious mortality. The pathogenesis of tuberculosis involves inhibition of phagosome maturation, leading to survival of M.tb within human macrophages. A key determinant is M.tb-induced inhibition of macrophage sphingosine kinase (SK) activity, which normally induces Ca2+ signaling and(More)
To gain insight into the role of luxSHi in disease pathogenesis, we inactivated that gene in several non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae isolates with an antibiotic resistance cassette. Gene inactivation was confirmed by PCR and by Southern blot analysis in each strain. Culture filtrates from luxSHi mutants contained a decreased amount of autoinducer-2(More)
Cabomba is a small water lily genus that is native to the New World. Studies of pollen development and associated changes in the anther yield valuable characters for considering the evolution of reproductive biology in seed plants. Here we characterized the complete ontogenetic sequence for pollen in Cabomba caroliniana. Anthers at the microspore mother(More)
The physiologic and pathologic functions of sphingosine kinase (SK) require translocation to specific membrane compartments. We tested the hypothesis that interactions with actin filaments regulate the localization of SK1 to membrane surfaces, including the plasma membrane and phagosome. Macrophage activation is accompanied by a marked increase in(More)
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