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Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have a large impact on undergraduate instruction but are often poorly prepared to teach. Teaching self-efficacy, an instructor's belief in his or her ability to teach specific student populations a specific subject, is an important predictor of teaching skill and(More)
A wealth of research demonstrates the importance of early parent-child interactions on children's social functioning. However, less is known about the interrelations between child and parent characteristics and parent-child interactions in early childhood. Moreover, few studies have broadly examined the longitudinal relations between these constructs and(More)
This research investigated whether parent-teacher relationship quality mediated the relation between parents' motivational beliefs and children's adaptive functioning and externalizing behaviors. The sample consisted of kindergarten through third-grade children with behavioral concerns (N=206). Parents reported on their motivational beliefs (i.e., role(More)
Sampling designs of large-scale survey studies are typically complex, involving multiple design features such as clustering and unequal probabilities of selection. Single-level (i.e., population-averaged) methods that use adjusted variance estimators and multilevel (i.e., cluster-specific) methods provide two alternatives for modeling clustered data.(More)
(R305F050284). The paper was presented originally by the authors at the 2012 annual meeting of the American Psychological Association. The statements made herein are those of the developers and are not meant to represent opinions or policies of the funding agency.
Multiple response categorical variables (MRCVs), also known as " pick any " or " choose all that apply " variables, summarize survey questions for which respondents are allowed to select more than one category response option. Traditional methods for analyzing the association between categorical variables are not appropriate with MRCVs due to the(More)
Description The MRCV package provides functions for analyzing the association between one single response categorical variable (SRCV) and one multiple response categorical variable (MRCV), or between two or three MRCVs. A modified Pearson chi-square statistic can be used to test for marginal independence for the one or two MRCV case, or a more general(More)
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