Natalia Zaldúa

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The cholinergic system has been widely implicated in cognitive processes and cholinergic loss is a classical hallmark in Alzheimer disease. Increasing evidence supports a role of the serotonergic system in cognition, possibly through a modulation of cholinergic activity. We compared selective cholinergic denervation by administration of the immunotoxin 192(More)
Digestive flexibility is important because it allows an animal to maximize energy and nutrient return from the diet consumed, and also to reduce the maintenance costs associated with one of the body's most expensive systems in terms of energy and protein requirements. Two different patterns of digestive flexibility have been described for vertebrates, one(More)
Few studies have evaluated phenotypic plasticity at the community level, considering, for example, plastic responses in an entire species assemblage. In addition, none of these studies have addressed the relationship between phenotypic plasticity and community structure. Within this context, here we assessed the magnitude of seasonal changes in digestive(More)
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