Natalia Washington

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This index covers the twelve monthly issues of Volume 4 o f the Record published in 1978. Citations are expressed as follows: "4:5." The first number in the citation refers to the "N umber" (month) of the Record issue. T he second number, following the colon, indicates the page number in that issue. T hus, " 4:5" means the article is in Record Number 4(More)
We discuss the implications of the Selfish Goal model for moral responsibility, arguing it suggests a form of skepticism we call the "locus problem." In denying that individuals contain any genuine psychological core of information processing, the Selfish Goal model denies the kind of locus of control intuitively presupposed by ascriptions of(More)
This article takes the following two assumptions for granted: first, that gifts influence physicians and, second, that the influences gifts have on physicians may be harmful for patients. These assumptions are common in the applied ethics literature, and they prompt an obvious practical question, namely, what is the best way to mitigate the negative(More)
I take issue with Kalisch et al.'s formulation of PASTOR, arguing that care must be taken in understanding what is meant by "appraisal." I examine the implications of PASTOR given two competing possibilities for what counts as an appraisal - first, if appraisal is restricted to conscious reflection on one's circumstances, and second, if appraisal is(More)
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