Natalia Vyazovskaya

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We examined the association of gene expression with noncancer chronic disease outcomes in Mayak nuclear weapons plant workers who were exposed to radiation due to their occupation. We conducted a cross-sectional study with selection based on radiation exposure status of Mayak plant workers living in Ozyorsk who were alive in 2011 and either exposed to:(More)
Genome instability transmission in offspring was analyzed in order to evaluate the risk of delayed genetic effects of exposure in 95 family triplets in which only fathers experienced prolonged occupational radiation exposure. The mean total preconceptive absorbed dose (TPAD) of external gamma radiation in the paternal gonads was 1.65 ± 0.080 Gy (dose range(More)
We evaluated gene expression in the peripheral blood of Mayak workers in relationship to occupational chronic exposure to identify permanent post-exposure signatures. The Mayak workers had experienced either a combined exposure to incorporated (239)Pu and external gamma rays (n = 82) or exposure to external gamma rays (n = 18). Fifty unexposed individuals(More)
OBJECTIVE to assess mutational events in exons 5, 7, and 8 of the p53 gene and to reveal mutant p53 protein in verified cases of morphologically altered (proliferative and precancerous changes, lung cancer) and histologically unaltered, lung tissues in workers exposed to occupational radiation. MATERIAL AND METHODS The investigation used formalin-fixed(More)
The authors evaluated gene expression in the peripheral blood in relation to occupational exposure in Mayak workers to find out about the existence of a permanent post exposure signature. Workers were exposed to combined incorporated ²³⁹Pu and external gamma rays (n = 82) or to external gamma rays only (n = 18), and 50 unexposed individuals served as(More)
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