Natalia Voloshina

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Based on the investigation of 42 persons with Alzheimer's disease, it has been shown that in spite of absence of changes in the sum of apoB-containing fractions of lipoproteins a redistribution of their particles is observed suggesting adverse shifts in the processes of direct transport of lipids. These patients also manifest disturbances of the reverse(More)
The secure digital watermarking method for digital images is proposed. This method is based on error correcting codes (ECC) that are perfect in weighted Hamming metric. The usage of perfect ECC guarantees the limited number of errors (distortions of initial image) that occur in watermarking process. The use of ECC that are perfect in weighted Hamming metric(More)
Twenty six patients, used home-made ephedrine like psychostimulators were examined. Nervous system pathology in these cases was characterized by short (several months) period of the pathological process formation, young patient's age, absence of family psychiatric history, pronounced systemic and multilevel affection of the organism, severity of psychic(More)
The paper presents a study of efficiency of information embedding in BMP images by using codes perfect in a weighted Hamming metric (WHM) and standard Hamming codes. The weighted container model and modification of algorithm F5 is used, which allows to record information in multiple bit planes images (MLSB), taking into account the significance of each bit(More)
The comparison of efficiency of two such approaches LEBC embedding method and Weighted F5 embedding that are used for weighted structures of container and F5 method that is used for least significant bit(LSB) embedding is made. The comparison metric was found for correct comparison of weighted and unweighted syndrome coding embedding. As a result the(More)
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