Natalia Velásquez

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BACKGROUND Hydrogen has been reported to relieve damage in many disease models, and is a potential additive in drinking water to provide protective effects for patients as several clinical studies revealed. However, the absence of a dose-response relationship in the application of hydrogen is puzzling. We attempted to identify the dose-response relationship(More)
Every year road incidents kill 1.3 million people, cause severe injuries to 20 million and are the reason behind the loss of 40 million years of healthy life all over the world. The World Health Organization estimates that 25% of road incidents and their effects are associated with drunkenness. Methodology: to estimate the prevalence and characterize the(More)
Empty nose syndrome (ENS) is a rare but debilitating condition commonly resulting from resection of part or all of the inferior turbinate (Figure 1). The characteristic yet most perplexing symptom of ENS is the complaint of nasal obstruction despite objectively patent airways, termed paradoxical nasal obstruction. As benign as it sounds, the feeling of(More)
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