Natalia V. Kirillova

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Amounts of DNA and RNA was increased (from 20 to 50%) in the presence of salicylic acid in cells of Polyscias filicifolia tissue culture grown in Murachige-Skoog modified medium. Treatment of the tissue culture with salicylic acid resulted in a significant increase of intracellular protein and decrease of proteolytic activity. In cells treated with(More)
Two biologically active compounds, the enzyme superoxide dismutase (EC and the anti-arhythmic indole alkaloid ajmaline, were isolated from a callus culture of Rauwolfia serpentinaBenth. Sequential isolation of biologically active compounds by metal–chelate affinity chromatography followed by azoadsorbent affinity chromatography allowed us to(More)
The knee joint osteoarthrosis is accompanied by activation of the oxidative stress in the synovial liquid. Specific treatment decreased or even normalized such biochemical parameters of the synovial liquid as the carbonyl groups, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) and total protein content. The most demonstrative changes were found for early(More)
The technique of mass-spectrometric microbial markers is known for almost 20 years. The technique is described in a number of research publications, dissertations and methodological literature. It passed the registration in Roszdravnadzor and is permitted for implementation as a new medical technology in medical institutions on the territory of the Russian(More)
The effects of exogenous and endogenous insulin and glucagon on aldolase turnover in rat liver and blood were studied. Some effects of these hormones on the biosynthesis and degradation of hepatic aldolase were specified. The rate of the "de novo" synthesis of aldolase was investigated in hepatocyte mitochondria and in blood plasma. The exogenous and(More)
We performed genotyping of 112 tuberculosis agent isolates from patients suffering from lung tuberculosis in Mongolia using the RD9, RD7, TbD1, RD105, and RD750 loci. Genotypes of all the obtained isolates were characterized by preservation of the RD9, RD7, and RD750 loci and by a deletion in the locus TbD1. A deletion of RD105 was found in 65 (58%)(More)
The influence of different triiodothyronine doses on aldolase metabolism in rat liver was studied after whole-body X-irradiation. The effect of the hormone on the rates of synthesis and degradation and on the time of functioning of the enzyme in the exposed body was shown to vary markedly in the irradiated and intact animals.