Natalia Solovitch-Vella

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The influence of two types of colloids (natural organic matter, NOM), a colloid with high affinity for radionuclides (RN(s)), and hydrophilic synthetic latex (SHL), a colloid with low affinity for RN(s) on the transfer of (60)Co and (85)Sr in a silica sand column was studied under different physicochemical conditions: pH (4.9), ionic strength (10(-3) M and(More)
In order to determine the mechanisms of the retention of 60Co, 85Sr and 134Cs in natural silica sand columns, desorption experiments were performed by changes of pH and ionic strength and by injection of natural organic matter (NOM). Injection of KCl (0.1 M) resulted in a high release of 60Co (60-100%) and 85Sr (72-100%) but a smaller release of 134Cs(More)
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