Natalia S Zinchenko

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UNLABELLED Mitochondrial dysfunction is involved in the pathogenesis of motor neuron degeneration in the G93A mutant transgenic (tgmSOD1) animal model of ALS. However, it is unknown whether(More)
INTRODUCTION Cathepsin K is a recently discovered cysteine protease which cleaves the triple helical domains of type I to II collagen. It has been shown to be up-regulated in synovial tissue from(More)
During disk degeneration, annulus dehydration and matrix fraying culminate in the formation of tears through which nucleus and annulus disk material may rupture, causing radicular pain. Annular tears(More)
BACKGROUND Senescent cells are well-recognized in the aging/degenerating human disc. Senescent cells are viable, cannot divide, remain metabolically active and accumulate within the disc over time.(More)