Natalia S Ramacciotti

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Two new withanolides were isolated and characterized from the aerial parts of Jaborosa kurtzii, namely, jaborosalactone 43 (1), with a spiranoid delta-lactone at C-22, and jaborosalactone 44 (2), a 12-oxowithanolide, which may function as a biosynthetic precursor to 1. These new compounds were fully characterized by a combination of spectroscopic methods.(More)
Seven new withanolides, salpichrolides O-U (1-7), the known 2,3-dihydrosalpichrolide B (9), a substance not previously isolated from a natural source, and three known compounds, salpichrolide D (8), salpichrolide A (10), and salpichrolide C (11), were isolated and characterized from the aerial parts of Salpichroa origanifolia and S. tristis var. lehmannii.(More)
Twelve new withanolides were isolated from the aerial part of Jaborosa rotacea: five had a spiranoid delta-lactone (1-5); one contained a 26,12-delta-lactone and a C-12-C-23 bond (6); five corresponded to trechonolide-type withanolides with configuration at C-23 opposite of those previously isolated (7, 8, 10-12); two of these have an additional(More)
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