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Currently, dental caries is the main reason of patient visits to dentists. A great deal of scientific work is dedicated to the study of enamel caries. The reason for this is the necessity for more detailed study of the pathogenesis of dental caries and other pathological processes occurring in tooth enamel. The application of modern high-technological(More)
Crosslinking of subunits of the high molecular weight oligomer of bovine heart mitochondrial creatine kinase (CKm) by dimethyl suberimidate and subsequent electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate gives eight protein bands. An increase in the time course of the enzyme crosslinking reaction results in the protein accumulation in the high(More)
The article contains an overview of the literature on Mallory-Weiss syndrome. It analyzes numerous etiological factors, provides new insights into the pathogenesis of the disease, gives a description of a previously unknown dependence of discontinuous-hemorrhagic syndrome on the topographic and structural features of the cardioesophageal area of the(More)
Currently, various research methods of enamel and dentine for precautionary diagnostics of initial caries forms are developed; however, the vast majority of these do not provide objective criteria of caries diagnostics or are very difficult to perform. Therefore, the search of diagnostics and enamel research methods, which will allow predicting caries(More)
It has been found that at pH 7.4 and 2 mg/ml protein, bovine heart mitochondrial creatine kinase (CKm) contains less than 10% of the dimer. The constant for the CKm octamer dissociation into dimers, Kd, in the presence of substrates forming an analog of the complex of the transient state was found to be equal to 4.9 10(-17) M3. Using this value, the(More)
Several techniques are used for detection of dental caries including a fiber-optic light (FOL), the method of optical coherence tomography (OCT), the method of fiber optic transillumination and the infrared tomography. For an assessment of light-induced fluorescence of hard dental tissues and primary dental caries diagnosis, we propose to use the domestic(More)
A1 Predictive and prognostic biomarker panel for targeted application of radioembolisation improving individual outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma Jella-Andrea Abraham, Olga Golubnitschaja A2 Integrated market access approach amplifying value of “Rx-CDx” Ildar Akhmetov A3 Disaster response: an opportunity to improve global healthcare Russell J. Andrews,(More)
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