Natalia Rubtsova

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In experiments with ablation of the forebrain dorsal cortex in turtles it has been established that this structure plays a significant role in first solving of an extrapolation task (6-19 times) and looses its integrating role at multiple test solving (40-195 times). The obtained data testify to the presence of two types of animals adaptive behaviour in(More)
Turtles Emys orbicularis (14 individuals) with ablated middle-anterior parts of the forebrain dorsal cortex proved unable to solve a problem calling for extrapolating the direction of the movement of a food stimulus. Intact turtles (11 individuals) and those (six individuals) which underwent control operations (including ablation of the posterior part of(More)
Sharp EEG changes are recorded in bioelectrical activity of the dorsal cortex and dorsal ventricular edge in marsh tortoises in conditions of free movement during solving of an extrapolation task (a test of elementary reasoning ability). These changes of a pathological character, accompanied by neurotic states, were observed in some animals having correctly(More)
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