Natalia Padilla-Zea

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The use of video games as an educational tool initially causes a higher degree of motivation in students. However, the inclusion of educational activities throughout the game can cause this initial interest to be lost. A good way to maintain motivation is to use a good story that is used as guiding thread with which to contextualize the other video game(More)
Information and communication technologies, in general, and multimedia systems, in particular, are currently incorporated into the learning processes with certain normality. Furthermore, the scientific community agrees that video games, as a specific expression of these technologies, present additional benefits that improve many student skills. In an(More)
Plager-VG is an architecture to design, execute, analyze and adapt video game - based learning processes, especially those that include group activities and use collaborative learning techniques. In this paper, we focus on the processes of monitoring and adaptation, both the game and educational content, to get the best results through the use of(More)
In recent years, introducing video games in classrooms has emerged as a motivational element which encourages learning processes. Several studies have identified some significant elements that should be considered in order to maintain the effectiveness of these games. In this paper, we focus on the incorporation of digital storytelling as one of the main(More)
In order for educational video games to continue aiding in the teaching / learning processes it is necessary to continue advancing, first, in their educational effectiveness and, secondly, in their ease of use for the teacher. This ease of use is multifaceted; one aspect is the assessment of learning achieved by students. In an educational environment where(More)
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