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PageRank is one of the principle criteria according to which Google ranks Web pages. PageRank can be interpreted as a frequency of visiting a Web page by a random surfer and thus it reflects the popularity of a Web page. Google computes the PageRank using the power iteration method which requires about one week of intensive computations. In the present work(More)
—In this paper we apply the Gittins optimality result to characterize the optimal scheduling discipline in a multi-class M/G/1 queue. We apply the general result to several cases of practical interest where the service time distributions belong to the set of decreasing hazard rate distributions, like Pareto or hyper-exponential. When there is only one class(More)
We analyze the Two Level Processor Sharing (TLPS) scheduling discipline with hyper-exponential distribution for the job size and with Poisson arrival process. TLPS is a convenient model to represent the file size based differentiation in TCP/IP networks. We find a closed form analytic expression for the expected sojourn time and an approximation for the(More)
We introduce MarkMax a new flow-aware Active Queue Management algorithm for Additive Increase Multiplicative Decreases protocols (like TCP). MarkMax sends a congestion signal to a selected connection whenever the total backlog reaches a given threshold. The selection mechanism is based on the state of large flows. Using a fluid model we derive some bounds(More)
Titre de la thèse en anglais : Performance evaluation of mobile wireless networks À ma famille et mon épouse Hajar Acknowledgments This work would not have been possible without the help of many people whom I would like to thank here. First of all, I must express my deepest gratitude to my advisors Eitan Altman and Philippe Nain. Their help, feedback, and(More)
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