Natalia Moretti

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Decreased levels of nitric oxide (NO) may contribute to impaired endothelium-dependent vasodilatation in essential hypertension. Moreover, in hypertension, major platelets aggregation and endothelial adhesion, and increased atherogenetic risks are also present. Nitric oxide produced by platelet NO synthase, which is similar to endothelial NO synthase,(More)
Aims/hypothesis. The aim of the present study was twofold. Firstly, to determine whether diabetic platelets produce more peroxynitrite than normal platelets and secondly to correlate the peroxynitrite production with the intraplatelet induction of the inducible isoform of nitric oxide-synthase. Methods. Intraplatelet peroxynitrite production was monitored(More)
Sialic acid (SA) content, membrane fluidity, and Na(+)/K(+)-adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) activity were determined in erythrocyte membrane from 10 nonpregnant women (HNPW), 16 pregnant women affected by gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), and 25 healthy pregnant women (HPW). In GDM patients the membrane erythrocyte SA content was significantly(More)
The molecular mechanisms involved in the platelet activation observed in hyperhomocysteinemia are not known. We aimed to discover if homocysteine concentrations are associated with abnormal platelet nitric oxide production in healthy and diabetic subjects. The study cohort included 28 patients with Type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus, 30 patients(More)
The aim of the present work was to analyze the effect of LDL obtained from type 1 diabetic patients in good metabolic control on human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) after a short incubation period to detect possible atherogenic modifications of endothelial properties. Cultured HUVECs were incubated for 3 h with culture medium alone (control(More)
The plasma membrane composition affects intracellular processes and the cellular susceptibility to free radical attack, which has been associated with the impairment of cellular functions occurring during senescence. The study of the modifications of the plasma membrane in centenarians might elucidate the biological mechanisms at the basis of longevity and(More)
With the introduction of safe and effective factor VIII/IX-bypassing agents--recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) and plasma-derived activated prothrombin complex concentrates (pd-APCC)--elective orthopaedic surgery (EOS) is a viable option for haemophilia patients with inhibitors. We report a series of patients with haemophilia and inhibitors(More)
In this study, serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine; 5HT)-immunoreactive (5HT-IR) neuronal fibers were identified in the primary olfactory pathway of the sea lamprey. These neurons are likely part of a nonolfactory neural system that innervates the olfactory sac. Cell bodies with 5HT immunoreactivity predominated in the lamina propria of the rostral portion of(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the action of plasma from insulin-dependent diabetic (IDDM) pregnant women on nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity in cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). We also studied the effect of the plasma on cytosolic calcium and on Na+/K+-adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) activity. Dynamic(More)
An altered interaction between circulating LDL and endothelial cells might be at the basis of the increased prevalence of atherosclerosis in diabetes mellitus. The aim of the present work was to investigate the effect of a short incubation period with LDL from Type 1 diabetic patients in good metabolic control on endothelial cells derived from human aorta(More)