Natalia Miliou

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In this paper, we explore the possibility of deploying a cognitive network that can opportunistically access the spectrum allocated to a primary cellular network. The main problem is that cellular networks are characterized by multiple simultaneous and dynamic transmissions combined with power control. The proposed approach assumes that the cognitive(More)
This paper examines the problem of estimating the average transmitted power, number and location of a multitude of sources in a wireless environment. In particular, based on measurements of the power received by sensors placed in known locations in space, a technique is developed employing the maximum likelihood criterion in order to assess the(More)
We propose a technique to derive upper bounds on Gallager's cost-constrained random coding exponent function. Applying this technique to the noncoherent peak-power or average-power limited discrete time memoryless Ricean fading channel, we obtain the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) expansion of this channel's cutoff rate. At high SNR, the gap between(More)
This paper provides a single broad model for the analysis of a range of issues underlying a market for Grid services. The demand and the supply sides of such a market are being treated separately and the relation between the two sides is being studied. We provide numerical results in order to derive conclusions about the viability of a market for Grid(More)
In this paper a method for the design of fuzzy controllers that overcome the problems of lack of guaranteed stability and of computational explosion is developed. The proposed fuzzy controller takes into account the technological constraints on the input and output variables and can be easily designed even for multivariable systems. In the first part of the(More)
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