Natalia Miliou

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This paper examines the problem of estimating the average transmitted power, number and location of a multitude of sources in a wireless environment. In particular, based on measurements of the power received by sensors placed in known locations in space, a technique is developed employing the maximum likelihood criterion in order to assess the(More)
This paper provides a single broad model for the analysis of a range of issues underlying a market for Grid services. The demand and the supply sides of such a market are being treated separately and the relation between the two sides is being studied. We provide numerical results in order to derive conclusions about the viability of a market for Grid(More)
We propose a technique to derive upper bounds on Gallager's cost-constrained random coding exponent function. Applying this technique to the non-coherent peak-power or average-power limited discrete time memoryless Ricean fading channel, we obtain the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) expansion of this channel's cutoff rate. At high SNR the gap between(More)
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